Friday, December 4, 2009

"Villification of Mace Windu"


I just came across an essay in which the writer suggested that Mace may have been slightly jealous of Anakin's power with the Force . . . and this would explain his "distrust" of Anakin.

What is it about the Mace Windu character that causes so many STAR WARS fans to come up with some ludicrous ideas about him?

Mace jealous of Anakin? Up until the Jedi Council had learned of a connection between Sidious and someone in Palpatine's circle, Mace was firm in the idea that Anakin was the Chosen One. He had been since Anankin's participation in the Battle of Naboo.

Has the Jedi Council scene in ROTS, in which Mace had to put Anakin in his place, the reason why so many fans have expressed hostility or created these lame ideas about him? What? They don't think he had the right to admonish Anakin? Here are some other idiot theories:

*Mace wasn't that strong in the Force, but was a skilled warrior

*Mace could have never defeated Palpatine on his own (according to Lucas, he, Yoda and Anakin were powerful enough to defeat Palpatine)

*Mace liked to tap into the Dark Side, in compare to other Jedi Knights

*Mace was responsible for Anakin's turn to the Dark Side, because he ordered Anakin to remain at the Temple during the attempt to arrest Palpatine

*Mace was the one who had erased the Kamino files from the Jedi Archives and was, therefore, the Jedi traitor (this dumb theory popped up after AOTC was released)

*Mace's purple lightsaber represented his light and dark side (what represented Obi-Wan or Yoda's light and dark sides, I wonder?)

What is this stream of negativity directed toward Mace Windu by SW fans? Why do they seem to dislike him so much? Many act as if he had no business being a Jedi Master. Is it because many fans didn't like the idea of Samuel L. Jackson in one of science-fiction's biggest sagas? Is that it?

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