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"Bride of Belthazor" [PG-13] - 16/16



NOTE: This chapter is rated slightly "R" due to light sexual situations.


The two bodies lay intertwined on the large four-poster bed, inside one the Palace Hotel's suites. Olivia nearly purred with satisfaction, as her new husband's free hand stroked back and forth across her lower back. Aside from the white shirt that she wore, their clothes lay strewn across the floor.

"Did you know that my parents had spent their first honeymoon night, here at the Palace Hotel?" Cole murmured. "The next day, they headed for Europe, via Panama."

Olivia slid her fingers through Cole's chest hair. "Did they stay in this suite?"

"No, I don't think so. But I think we may have inadvertently continued a family tradition."

A slight giggle escaped from Olivia's mouth, before the couple fell silent. Then she added, "Speaking of traditions, I beginning to suspect that a rather unpleasant one has already started."

"What do you mean?" Cole asked.

Sighing, Olivia continuing, "Well, let's see . . . Prue and her astral projection ability nearly ruined Piper and Leo's wedding - along with a murderer at a biker bar; you were possessed by the Source during your entire marriage to Phoebe; two succubae sisters and Nick Marcano nearly ruined Bruce and Barbara's wedding; and we had to deal with this latest mess regarding Idril. I mean . . . honestly, I'm beginning to suspect that supernatural disasters during weddings might become traditional for all of us. I can only wonder what will happen if Paige or Harry got married."

Cole threw back his head and chuckled. "You might be right. Your mother had told me about this early 19th-century poltergeist who had nearly ruined your parents' wedding." He paused. "Did you know that Marbus had been at there, as well?"

"No, I didn't," Olivia replied. "Was he in disguise?"

With a sigh, Cole said, "I don't know. By the time your parents got married, the Source already thought he was dead. And I doubt that any zoltar would have gone looking for him at a Wiccan wedding."

Olivia rolled on top of her husband. "At least we had a very nice wedding. Or should I say, weddings? Despite Idril's obsession over you."

"Obsession?" Cole frowned. "Idril? Are you still insisting that she was in love with me? Because I assure you that she only wanted me as a means to acquire more power."

A sigh threatened to escape from Olivia's mouth. As much as she loved Cole and admired his intelligence, there were times that she found him rather obtuse. Like now. But since she did not want to ruin his mood or their honeymoon, she merely replied, "If you say so."

"Wait a minute!" Cole insisted. "What do you mean by 'if I say . . .'" Olivia cut him off with a hard and passionate kiss. Cole slipped an arm around her waist and rolled Olivia onto her back. Their lips finally parted and Cole murmured, "You did that on purpose, didn't you?"

Huskily, Olivia replied, "You were ruining the moment."

"Hmmm. Good timing." Cole's eyes flickered momentarily before he lowered his mouth upon hers for another kiss.

While the couple continued to explore each other's mouths, their hands caressed and fondled their very eager bodies. Olivia became so engrossed by the foreplay that she had forgotten Nathalie Gleason's engagement present. Until Cole murmured something about 'handcuffs' into her ear. "Oh!" She broke away from her astonished husband. "Nat's scarves!" Then she scrambled out of bed and grabbed the tissue wrapped package from her overnight bag.

A confused-looking Cole stared at his wife. "Scarves? What do you need scarves for?"

"You'll see." Olivia climbed back onto the bed. "Just think of them as a substitute for handcuffs."

One of Cole's dark brows formed a bemused arch. "Are you sure these can hold me?"

Olivia took hold of one of his wrists and used a scarf to tie it to a bedpost. "We'll see." Then she tied the other wrist.

Bound to the bedposts and spread-eagle, Cole asked, "Now what?"

Slowly, Olivia opened her shirt wide, fully exposing her breasts. Now," she said in a husky voice, "let's see if you can get loose. Your prize awaits."

Cole smiled. "Get ready for me to claim my prize." He wigged his wrists momentarily. His smile disappeared. "Wow. What did you do? Use French knots?"

"Can't get loose?"

"Of course I . . ." Cole remained still. For a moment, it seemed as if he was about to teleport off the bed. But he remained in place. "What the hell? Why can't I . . .?" He glanced at one of the scarves. Olivia realized that he tried to use telekinesis to unfasten it. "I can't believe this!"

Olivia straddled her husband's waist. "Something wrong?" she asked in an innocent voice.

"Wha . . . what the hell kind of scarves are these?"

"Special scarves," Olivia purred. She leaned forward and planted a light kiss on Cole's bare chest. "From a special place." Then she flickered her tongue across the tip of his left nipple. "You seemed to be having trouble."

Cole moaned. "Olivia . . ."

"Hmmmm." Olivia planted another light kiss on his chest. "Since you seem to be having so much trouble getting loose, perhaps I should give you a little incentive."

"Huh?" Cole regarded her with glazed eyes.

Olivia chuckled lightly. "You'll find out."

Slowly, the redhead shifted slightly, as her lips traveled toward her husband's lower torso. Cole's moans filled the room. And when she finally reached her target - below his waist - he cried out, "Oh God! Olivia!"


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