Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top Ten Favorite "BURN NOTICE" (2007-2013) Episodes

Burn Notice 507

Below is a list of my top ten (10) favorite episodes of the USA Network series, "BURN NOTICE" (2007-2013). Created by Matt Nix, the series starred Jeffrey Donovan: 


1 - 4.18 Last Stand

1. (4.18) "Last Stand" - Michael Western and his friends are trapped inside an abandoned hotel and held under siege by a group of killers led by Vaughn Anderson, a high-ranking member of the black ops mercenary agency called "Management".

2 - 1.10 False Flag

2. (1.10) "False Flag" - Before he leaves Miami to deal with his burn notice, Michael is hired to find a woman's missing son. Only, he learns that she is a professional assassin, targeting the boy's father. Lucy Lawless guest starred.

3 - 2.16 Lesser Evil

3. (2.16) "Lesser Evil" - Michael captures the rogue agent responsible for trying to bomb him, but he decides to form an alliance with the latter and together, go after "Management" agent Carla Baxter and her boss.

4 - 3.08 Friends Like These

4. (3.08) "Friends Like These" - While Michael takes a job from mercenary Tom Strickler, despite former girlfriend Fiona Glenanne's reservations, Barry the money launderer cashes in his favors and asks Michael to help retrieve a stolen ledger with his clients' information.

5 - 7.13 Reckoning

5. (7.13) "Reckoning" - In the series finale, Michael must win back the trust of everyone he had betrayed as anti-government mercenary James Kendrick becomes obsessed with ending his life.

6 - 4.12 Guilty as Charged

6. (4.12) "Guilty As Charged" - Michael's mother, Madeline Westen and Fiona tries to convince burned C.I.A. agent Jesse Porter not to go after Michael for burning him. Meanwhile, Michael prepares to meet with corporate CEO John Barrett, who has ties to "Management".

7 - 6.06 Shock Wave

7. (6.06) "Shock Wave" - Michael's friend, Sam Axe and Barry are pinned down by an assassin, as Michael gets a lead on the founder and leader of "Management", Anson Fullerton. An MI-6 agent tries to prevent Fiona's release from prison. 

8 - 2.08 Double Booked

8. (2.08) "Double Booked" - Michael tries to foil a hit that he was hired for by "Crazy" Larry Sizemore, an old spy colleague he thought was dead. The situation becomes more complicated when he discovers that there is more than on contract out on the target. Tim Matheson directed and guest starred.

9 - 5.18 Fail Safe

9. (5.18) "Fail Safe" - When Anson demands that Michael burn the C.I.A. team he's working with, Fiona decides she has had enough and takes a drastic step to settle Michael's debt to Anson once and for all. Dean Cain and Kristanna Loken guest starred.

10 - 2.10 Bad Breaks

10. (2.10) "Bad Breaks" - Michael and former F.B.I. handler Jason Bly are trapped together in a bank robbery and must work together in order to get out alive.


DJgamer 24 said...

one of my favorites is:

Better Halves, it has great gunfights, a nice tie in to the main plot along with an amazing job for michael and best of all,
a ton of character development especially for michael and fi

Sam Spade said...

One my faves is S02E06, the one with Method Man in it.