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Top Ten Favorite Episodes of "BOARDWALK EMPIRE" (2010-2014)


Below are my top ten favorite episodes from HBO's "BOARDWALK EMPIRE" (2010-2014). Created by Terence Winter, the series starred Steve Buscemi: 



1. (2.11) "Under God's Power She Flourishes" - Following his wife Angela's death, Jimmy Darmody recalls his school days at Princeton and a fateful visit from his mother, Gillian. Atlantic City political boss Enoch "Nucky" Thompson stumbles across a discovery that ends Agent Nelson Van Alden's career as a Federal lawman. And a confrontation between Jimmy and Gillian over Angela ends with the death of Atlantic City's power broker, Commodore Louis Kaestner.

1 - 4.12 Farewell Daddy Blues

2. (4.12) "Farewell Daddy Blues" - In this explosive Season Four finale, Eli Thompson's reluctant attempt to betray Nucky to the FBI conclude unexpectedly; and the final confrontation between Atlantic City's black political boss Albert "Chalky" White and usurper Dr. Valentin Narcisse result in a double tragedy.


3. (3.11) "Two Imposters" - In this nail biting episode, Nucky goes on the run, when nemesis "Gyp" Rossetti and his crew take over the city; forcing Nucky to seek Chalky's help. Following Rossetti's takeover of the city, Gillian Darmody forces henchman Richard Harrow to leave her whorehouse.


4. (2.12) "To the Lost" - In this Season Two finale, the Federal charges against Nucky are dropped after he weds his mistress, Margaret Schroeder. Van Alden flees Atlantic City for Cicero, Illinois. And Jimmy seeks to regain Nucky's forgiveness, after his betrayal against the political boss falls apart.

2 - 4.10 White Horse Pike

5. (4.10) "White Horse Pike" - Nucky's new lady love, Sally Wheat, discovers that heroin id being slipped into their bootleg shipments by future mob bosses Charlie Luciano and Meyer Lansky at Masseria's behest. Chalky fails to kill Narcisse and finds himself on the run with his singer/mistress Daughter Maitland.

6. (1.11) "Paris Green" - This episode featured many shake-ups in the relationships of Nucky and Margaret; Van Alden and his assistant, Agent Sebso; Jimmy and his relationships with his real father, the Commodore, Nucky, and Angela.


7. (2.10) "Georgia Peaches" - While Jimmy deals with the workers' strike and Nucky's new supply of Irish whiskey, Philadelphia mobster Manny Horvitz seeks revenge for Jimmy's failed attempt on his life.


8. (3.12) "Margate Sands" - In this bloody Season Three finale, Richard Harrow takes matters into his own hands, as he attempts to get young Tommy Darmody out of Gillian's whorehouse, now occupied by Rossetti's men. Chalky White, Al Capone help Nucky engage in a bloody battle to regain control of Atlantic City on the latter's behalf.

9. (1.01) "Boardwalk Empire" - The ninety (90) minute series' premiere episode introduced Atlantic City treasurer, Enoch "Nucky" Johnson at the dawn of Prohibition in January 1920; and his plans to make himself and his associates very rich from the bootlegging business.

4 - 4.01 New York Sour

10. (4.01) "New York Sour" - Chalky's lieutenant Durnsley White encounters trouble with a booking-agent and his wife; heroin addict Gillian Darmody tries to regain custody of her grandson Tommy; and Nucky makes peace with Arnold Rothstein and Joe Masseria.
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