Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Top Five Favorite "BURN NOTICE" Season One (2007) Episodes

Below are images from Season One of the USA Network series, "BURN NOTICE". Created by Matt Nix, the series starred Jeffrey Donovan: 


1. (1.10) "False Flag" - Burned C.I.A. agent Michael Weston helps an abused wife find her son, whom she claims had been kidnapped by her estranged husband, in order to raise funds to purchase a fake ID for a trip to Washington D.C. Lucy Lawless guest-starred.


2. (1.12) "Loose Ends" - Michael and ex-girlfriend Fiona Glenname plan an operation to rescue his old buddy, Sam Axe, from ex-Special Forces drug dealers whose blackmail operation they had disrupted in the previous episode. Meanwhile, Michael is contacted by a mysterious woman about his burn notice.

3. (1.06) "Unpaid Debts" - Sam asks Michael to help a former Navy SEAL teammate of his - a repo man who is having trouble reclaiming a boat for his own clients (a group of dirty cops) from Jamaican gangsters. Meanwhile, a CSS agent named Jason Bly arrives in Miami to keep an eye on Michael and dissuade him from investigating his burn notice.

4. (1.11) "Dead Drop" - While Michael continues to struggle to make an appointment with the man who might be responsible for burning him at the C.I.A., he, Sam, and Fiona help a couple who are blackmailed by former Special Forces veterans into participating in a heroin smuggling operation.

5. (1.05) "Family Business" - Michael helps an airport security guard whose family is being threatened by a family of arms dealers with connections to the Mossad. Meanwhile, he and his brother Nate clash over the possession of their father's Dodge Charger.

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